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Welcome to Wanna-Be Stand By, the Cyber Idol Mink Rating Community!

Managed by: princesspolaris

Hiya! I'm Om, the information guide for Wanna-Be, a software program that lets you be anyone you want to be most. I've also been helping Mink in her quest for superstardom
Which character do you wanna be? Who in the Cyber Idol world do you connect with? Let's see if the Wanna-Be software can find your perfect character match!

Enter the phrase "Wanna-Be Stand By!" in the subject line to be rated. Don't forget to choose wannabe_standby from your list of journals
Males and females welcome!
Copy the application survey from the text box below and paste it into the body of your entry
Answer the questions and post at least one clear picture of yourself. An image-hosting site like Photobucket will help you lots!

Read each person's survey and based on their answers, decide which character best suits them
Bold-type your vote
Only moderators can stamp
You will be stamped with the character that gets the most votes. In the case of ties between characters, you will also be stamped with the character that gets the second-highest amount of votes
You will be stamped within 7 days or when you accumulate at least 5 votes

There are 8 possible characters to be stamped as. Click on the star beside their name to view their stamp
*Mink Shiraishi (Cyber Idol Mink): An insecure junior high student who dreams of stardom. When she uses the Wanna-Be software, she transforms into a popular idol whose star is on the rise!
*Motoharu Toriumi: High school student who is the acting president of his father's talent agency, Bird Music. He is Mink's manager and is very caring and determined
*Azumi Mizuhara: A popular idol star with a prima donna attitude. She is very ambitious and will do anything to make sure the spotlight is hers alone. She is Mink's main rival
*Kanoka Moriyama (Canon): One of Mink's best friends, she is a technical ace who is a whiz at computers. She and Mahoko later become part of the group Minkle
*Mahoko Toriumi (Maco): Motoharu's sister and another of Mink's best friends. Her knowledge of the entertainment world is huge and is always abreast of the latest gossip
*Illiya: The hot lead singer of the popular rock group Jagunna, a singer Mink really idolizes. He also produces Mink's songs
*Yuka Akane: An up-and-coming idol who recently transferred to Mink's school. She is rather ditzy and really wants people to like her
*Kyo J. Falwell: The creator of the Wanna-Be software, a very intelligent person from the future. He wants to use it to control the past, but Mink saw him as a lonely person who was in need of a friend

sailor_furuba10 transforms to Azumi

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