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Stephanie [userpic]
Wanna-Be Stand By!
by Stephanie (princesspolaris)
at December 5th, 2005 (01:35 pm)

Name: Stephanie
Age (13 or older, please): 26
Gender: Female
Location: Canada
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Hobbies: Web design, shopping
Likes: Creativity
Dislikes: Rude people
Strong points: Creative, loyal
Weak points: A little shy

Color: Pink
TV Show: Survivor, Canadian Idol
Music: 80s pop
Movie: Elizabethtown
Flower: Rose
Season: Winter
Song: "Run" by Rex Goudie

Can you sing? Casually
Can you dance? Yes, I took ballet for 12 years
What are your other talents (nothing disgusting!)? Writing, designing web sites

*Idol Questions*
If you found the Wanna-Be software, what would you like to be? A dancer
Would you rather be in the spotlight or behind the scenes? Spotlight
What's more important to you as an idol: looks, fame or talent? Talent, without it we'd be nothing
Would you use your celebrity to help others? Definitely
Would you rather go solo or form a band with your friends? Solo
What would be the name of your debut single and why? I'd call it "Independence", I like doing things by myself and in small groups. I'm kind of a free spirit, but not arrogant
What would you do if your song made it to #1? Party with my best friends

*Other Stuff*
Describe yourself in one word: Independent
What's your motto? Keep dreaming!
Do you mind being stamped as the opposite gender? Yes
Anything else you want to tell us? Nope

Post one clear photo of yourself here